How can I ask God to bless you?

I have been attending church and going to classes there and just really filling my life with “churchy” stuff. All of these classes and activities are amazing and are serving to help me know and get closer to God. But, I still feel as though there is something else I should be doing.
The space God has made me the stewart over is getting a little closer to being usable. People are starting to come together that seem like they will play important rolls in opening this hub for ministry.
I was ready a book the other day and it talks about living your faith for real. So I’m starting to do a few things different. Like asking people if they need prayer. Not people at church, just people walking around or people who serve me in restaurants. Started this yesterday and it is amazing the feeling God gives you when you listen to His calling. People are so willing to open up to letting you pray for them. Ate set so far. I’m also starting a prayer request email. So people can request prayer and be answered back with an email of what was prayed for them. We will see how this goes.

Gods Time not mine

Well, I have been at Se7en now for 4 months and I feel like close to nothing has gotten done. Still have no walls and no real kitchen, no drywall has been hung. Okay, correction, 2 pieces of drywall have been hung.

I have a gallery phone and internet but no office. But, thankfully I am operating on Gods time and not mine. So, I am right on schedule.

I do have the web site up and did get business cards printed so that’s something. Construction is a very slow-moving process when you don’t know what you’re doing and have no money. But, fortunately my land lord is very knowledgable and loves my ideas and is willing to make anything happen.

So, on that note the things that have gotten done:

We got cabinets and built the elevation and started constructing the built-in cabinets. I have the electrical plans ready and the layout for the laundry and bath rooms all laid out in my head. We got the window between the kitchen and office started and the bottom  4 ft of drywall hung in the kitchen and the cabinet placement figured out. (Thank God for that one).

Honestly, I was going bonkers one day trying to measure space and cabinets running up and down about 20 steps about 20 times trying to figure out where they would all go. Finally, I stopped dead in my tracks and as I was arguing out loud with myself trying to talk through the mess, I yelled at God. lol

“You moved me here for some reason, where do you want this stuff to go?” Then, I calmly looked at the kitchen and saw everything where it needed to go. Made a few measurements and double checked the cabinets and everything just seemed to fit. “Thank you, Lord.”

So, I still have no washer or dryer and my kitchen isn’t done at all, not even close. But, God gave me a free fridge and my tiny kitchenette is more functional and I can finally cook at home.

Have some time off coming soon and hope to get much more done during that time. Let’s see what God thinks. His time seems to move way slower than mine. Maybe that’s a clue that I move to fast and don’t take time to enjoy the process and the experience while I’m in the midst of it. God has given me more than a few things that are helping me to learn patience and to appreciate what I have while its here. Strange how God can take something like a construction project to teach you things that don’t seem to have anything to do with the actual project.

I just thank God for giving me the ability to see the blessing in the trials and the ability to learn and grow with Him. Can’t wait to see whats next.

Se7en: the beginning

There are a lot of factors that have gotten me to the building I am in right now and a lot of different ideas have crossed my mind as to why I am here. Here as in, in this building and also here as in, in this world.

I believe that God has put us all here for different reasons, some great and some small. Sometimes we know exactly what we are doing and feel like we are “supposed” to be doing them. At other times we feel like we have no direction are lost and have no idea what is going on with our lives.

Se7en started in the space somewhere between those two trains of thought. I had a disire to do something with my photography but not sure what. I also had an irresistable pull in my heart that told me I had a higher purpose. So, I prayerfully went about my days sort of in this limbo between what I thought I wanted to do and what I thought God was telling me to do.

I followed leads that I got from people to start a business and in the procces I found the building I now call Se7en. I thought it would make a great place to live and work but never thought that I would have such large ideas attached to it.

The place is not even half finished. But, there is a very energetic feeling and a comfort there that made me want to be there from the first day I walked through the door.

I found it on line, called the number on a whim one day while driving around and the owner was available to show it to me right then and there! So I met with him and he showed me the building.

 It smells like dust and wet tile I guess would be the best way to discribe it. The stairs are steep, very steep as we walk in and I have no idea what to think. We get to the top of the stairs and the floors are uneven and missing spots there is no kitchen, no bathroom, no dry wall just framing and wood and dust and who knows all over the place. The plumbing and electrical was all exposed and looked a little frightning. But, my mind quickly filled in the spaces and could see Se7en as it would look completed. I tried to hide my smile as the owner showed me around. I could not believe how cool the place was. Even in its current condition.

We talked about contracts and deposits and rent and it all seemed do able. So, I left excited and feeling half crazy. Was I really thinking of moving out of my very comfortable 2 bedroom apartment with working kithchen, plumbing and walls. Was I really considering doing all that work and living in conditions less then normal… I was.

I prayed about that situation and sort of felt crazy. I didnt have to move, was very happy where I was. So, next day I just had to go see the place again but the owner wasnt available I had to wait two more days till I could see it again. Those where a long two days. Every thought was of that place and me talking to God about what I should do. Even when I closed my eyes I would dream of the place and me working on it and it open for business. Everytime the answer was the same GO.

40 days later and more anxiety then I can possibly explain (just ask my family I drove them nuts) and I was moving In.

I was thankful to have electricity on the day I moved in and the shower had not been installed yet (and wouldnt be for 10 more day), no hot water, no fridge or stove and no clue when I would be getting any of those things.

So, I moved in and got my stuff sorta settled. During that time God also gave me good company and much needed help. From a very amazing person. Who helped me get most of my stuff  settled into a room on the first floor for storage and the furniture and everyday stuff to the 3rd floor. Which is 1/2 the amount of space I was used to living in. All though I will tell you it is plenty of room for me.

It is hard for me to remember and go back and write all the awesome things that have happened to lead me to this place. I wanted to start a blog for Se7en because I believe God is at work and he is using me and that place to do something great for him. I want to make sure I have the story/ history of Se7en written somewhere. What better place to do it and what better time then to do it then as it happens. I can’t guarantee it will be excitingng to anyone but me but I feel I need to have it written down some where. So, Here goes nothing.

Let the journey of Se7en begin.